Frequently Asked Questions

I got a message that says “service access denied”

Some T-Mobile users have received this message when they text “TALK” to sign up. T-mobile blocks shortcode text messages by default. You resolve the issue by contacting T-Mobile and asking them to unblock shortcode 77453.

I started signing up but didn't finish

When signing up, please answer the questions asked, with the correct format (5 digit zip code, birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format). If you text back any other words while signing up or wait longer than 24 hours to respond, the system will not sign you up. To fix this, you can email your information to

I no longer want to receive texts

If you are no longer interested in receiving TALK messages you can text STOP to 77453. Please take a moment to fill out this short survey to let us know why, so we can try to improve our service.

Please contact us if you need help!
734-482-4110 x1340