Baby Board Books

Big Little

By: Leslie Patricelli

ISBN: 9780763619510

Ladies are big, but ladybugs are little. Amiably illustrated in a bright, graphic style, Leslie Patricelli’s spirited board book, BIG LITTLE, stars an obliging, bald, and very expressive toddler who acts out each pair of opposites with comically dramatic effect.

Black and White Rabbit’s ABC

By: Alan Baker

ISBN: 9780753452530

The story of a rabbit's exhausting efforts to paint a picture presents the letters of the alphabet.

Brown Rabbit’s Shapes

By: Alan Baker

ISBN: 9780753452554

Brown Rabbit finds a box of balloons and creates various shapes from them.

Bunnies Near and Far

By: Sarah Jones

ISBN: 9781936669226

Farmer Bo wants to know where his bunnies are. Some are near, some are far, some are walking, while some are in a car! Little readers will learn counting and opposites in this whimsical tale of bunnies on the go.

Duck & Goose Colors

By: Tad Hills

ISBN: 9780553508062

Our favorite feathered friends introduce basic colors in this sturdy board book and concept book, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Mouse is Small

By: Mary Murphy

ISBN: 9780763690595

Animals of various size reveal themselves one by one, but at the end it is revealed that even the biggest surprises can come in the smallest package.

Orange Triangle Fox

By: Sarah Jones

ISBN: 9781936669219

Introduces young readers to colors, shapes, and animals using simple text and colorful illustrations.

Say & Play Colors

By: Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.

ISBN: 9781402798924

Red rain boots, a yummy orange popsicle, a beautiful blue butterfly, a big yellow school bus: this colorful book has a rainbow of children's favorites, all displayed in attractive photos and clear captions/labels.

Say & Play Numbers

By: Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.

ISBN: 9781402798917

Learning to count is as easy as 1-2-3 with Say & Play! Engaging photographs of such everyday things as buttons and blocks teach preschoolers numbers from one to ten.

White Rabbit’s Color Book

By: Alan Baker

ISBN: 9780613593830

White Rabbit hops from one paint pot to another, changing colors as he goes, until he ends up brown.