Baby Faces Books

A Kiss Means I Love You

By: Kathryn Madeline Allen

ISBN: 9780807541869

Explores the meanings of different actions, expressions, words, and sounds, from a kiss and a clap to a wave and a yawn.

Baby’s Best Friend

By: Rachael Hale

ISBN: 9780316129626

Babies and best cuddly animal friends make an irresistible combination in this new board book from beloved photographer Rachael Hale!


By: Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis

ISBN: 9781575424231

With soothing black-and-white photographs of babies and gentle, rhythmic language, this book depicts the many loving connections that come from touch.

Hugs and Kisses

By: Rachael Hale

ISBN: 9780316130639

Bouncy babies and adorable animals kiss and cuddle in this sweet and delightful board book from beloved photographer Rachael Hale!

I am a Baby

By: Kathryn Madeline Allen

ISBN: 9780807536247

Photos of happy babies and words that encourage make this an irresistible read-aloud for every child and family.

I Love Colors

By: Margaret Miller

ISBN: 9780689823565

Introduces six colors through photographs of babies' faces as they wear or play with brightly-hued objects.


By: Elizabeth Verdick

ISBN: 9781575424224

Amazing babies are on the move in this lively board book that celebrates all the joyful ways babies propel themselves and interact with the world.

Show Me Happy

By: Kathryn Madeline Allen

ISBN: 9780807573532

Photographs depict children enacting such basic social concepts as sharing, helping, and playing as well as expressing themselves through gestures and actions.

The Babies and Doggies Book

By: John & Molly

ISBN: 9780544444775

Celebrates the common traits shared by babies and dogs, revealing how both sit, play ball, cuddle, and smile.

What’s On My Head

By: Margaret Miller

ISBN: 9781416989950

This book features baby faces with silly things on their heads, such as a gift-wrap bow, stuffed animals, a fire hat, and a rubber ducky.