Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

TALK questions or issues? The best way to get help with TALK is to contact your local library.

Which library is my local library?

To easily find your local library, you can consult the appropriate library directory for your state.

Michigan: Michigan Library Directory

Indiana: Indiana Library Directory

Is TALK available where I live?

Effective April 2024, TALK is available to all parents and caregivers with children ages 5 and under via their public library that subscribes to the TALK service.

Is TALK free?

It’s free to sign up for TALK, but standard data and message rates apply based on your mobile service plan. 

I am having trouble signing up for TALK.

Make sure to use the correct format to answer each question:

  • ZIP codes should be a 5 digit number.
  • Birthdays should be in MM/DD/YYYY format.

If you text any other words while signing up or wait longer than 4 hours to respond, your sign up will be invalid. Wait 4 hours and try again. Text TALK to 75547, fill out our online registration form, or contact your local library for support.

I haven’t received any text messages about local events.

Only users in areas served by a participating library will receive event notifications. Contact your local library and let them know you are interested.

I moved. Can I change my ZIP code?

If you move to another location in Indiana or Michigan, text UPDATEZIP to 75547 . 

Can I change my language preference after signing up?

TALK is also available in Spanish. Text UPDATELANG to 75547 to change your language preference.

I no longer want to receive images

Text NOIMAGE to 75547 to opt out of receiving MMS messages.

How many children can I sign up?

Each phone number can register two children’s birthdays. If you need to add a child, text ADDCHILD to 75547.

Will my phone number or personal information be shared?

We only ask for your child’s birthday to make sure activities are tailored to their age and your ZIP code to send local event information. We will not share your information with anyone and it is stored on secure servers. See our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for details.

I work at a public library and I am interested in offering TALK in my community

Find more information about how libraries can participate here.

I no longer want to receive TALK texts

If you are no longer interested in receiving TALK messages you can text STOP to 75547.

I don't see my library when I try to sign up

If you don’t see your library on the list, it is not currently participating with TALK. Please let your library know that you would be interested in receiving TALK texts!