High Contrast Books for Babies

Baby Talk

By: Stella Blackstone

ISBN: 9781782852223

Babies and their loved ones talk to each other in all kinds of ways, including using their voices and using touch.

Black & White

By: Tana Hoban

ISBN: 9780062656902

Black illustrations against a white background.

Hello, Bugs!

By: Smriti Prasadam

ISBN: 9781589258624

Introduces young readers to ten little bugs, including a ladybug, grasshopper, and butterfly.

Look Look Outside

By: Peter Linenthal

ISBN: 9780803737297

A baby looks outside the window and sees all sorts of interesting things, in a book with high-contrast black-and-white illustrations.

Mommies and Their Babies

By: Guido van Genechten

ISBN: 9781605371092

Animal babies have a mommy, just like you.

Red, Blue, Yellow Shoe

By: Tana Hoban

ISBN: 9780688065638

Photographs of common objects with the color of each object printed below introduce the reader to colors.