Bilingual Books

A nest in springtime : a bilingual book of numbers

By: Belle Yang

ISBN: 9780763652791

With the arrival of spring, wild geese nest and hatch eggs for the reader to count in this bilingual story that introduces Chinese numbers and other common words.

ABC Spanish

By: Aless Baylis

ISBN: 9781633222830

Spanish words that begin with each letter from A to Z are paired with their English equivalents and colorful illustrations.

Animal talk : Mexican folk art animal sounds in English and Spanish

By: Cynthia Weill

ISBN: 9781941026694

Invites emerging readers to identify the animals depicted in figures by Rubí Fuentes and Efraín Broa from the Mexican state of Oaxaca and act out their sounds in English and Spanish.

Around the world with Cantinflas = Alrededor del mundo con Cantinflas

By: Patty Rodriguez

ISBN: 9780986109980

The Mexican comedian introduces readers to the words for different countries and their capitals in Spanish and English with illustrations that also feature their borders, plants, animals, main geographical features, and noteworthy sites.

Black & Blanco! : Engaging Art in English y Español

By: San Antonio Museum of Art

ISBN: 9781595341549

A bilingual book of shapes in English and Spanish featuring artwork from the collections of the San Antonio Museum of Art"--Provided by publisher

Blankie = Mantita

By: Leslie Patricelli

ISBN: 9780763688974

A young child describes everything he can do with his blankie.

Counting with Frida = Contando con Frida

By: Patty Rodriguez

ISBN: 9781495126567

Introduces young readers to English and Spanish numbers and words.

Hurry home, hedgehog! : a bilingual book of sounds

By: Belle Yang

ISBN: 9780763665982

Featuring side-by-side text in English and Mandarin Chinese, a bilingual celebration of the natural world combines illustrations with concept-reinforcing sound words describing a little hedgehog's exploration of his surroundings.

Lotería : first words = primeras palabras

By: Patty Rodriguez

ISBN: 9781495126550

Offers an illustrated look at the Mexican game of chance, Lotería, intended to introduce readers to new words in Spanish and English

Lucha libre : anatomy = anatomía

By: Patty Rodriguez

ISBN: 9780986109911

Introduces readers to the parts of the body with illustrations of lucha libre wrestlers.

Squirrel round and round : a bilingual book of seasons = sōngshǔ máng bù wán

By: Belle Yang

ISBN: 9780763665975

Squirrel is busy all year long, from one season into the next and back again. Birds feed their babies in spring, fireflies wink on a summer night, yellow leaves flutter in fall, and squirrel makes fresh tracks in winter's snow. Look for an explanation of tonal marks at the end of the story, along with a pinyin translation of the Chinese characters.

Tubby = Bañito

By: Leslie Patricelli

ISBN: 9780763693169

Baby loves playing during bath time.

Zapata : colors = colores

By: Patty Rodriguez

ISBN: 9781495126574

Offers an illustrated look at Emiliano Zapata, intended to introduce readers to basic colors.