Dinosaur Books

The Big Book of Dinosaurs

By: Angela Wilkes

ISBN: 9781465443779

Facts about more than 100 dinosaurs for the curious dinosaur-lover.

Bigger than you

By: Hyewon Kyung

ISBN: 9780062683120

Dinosaurs on a seesaw test who is the biggest, until a poorly-behaved T. Rex and his mom change the game.

Dinosaurs from head to tail

By: Stacey Roderick

ISBN: 9781771380447

Provides simple facts about dinosaurs and their unique body parts.

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

By: Bob Shea

ISBN: 9781423113355

Dinosaur can conquer just about anything – but is he up to the challenge of bedtime?

Edwina: The dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct

By: Mo Willems

ISBN: 9780786837489

Edwina is a dinosaur who bakes cookies, helps people, and plays with kids. Everyone loves her, except Reginald, who wants to prove that dinosaurs are extinct.

How to be a T. Rex

By: Ryan North

ISBN: 9780399186240

Sal wants to be a T. Rex when she grows up, but discovers the downsides of always being fierce.

Inside-Outside Dinosaurs

By: Roxie Munro

ISBN: 9780761456247

Presents drawings of eight dinosaur skeletons along with drawings of what the dinosaurs may have looked like in their prehistoric environments.

Prehistoric Actual Size

By: Steve Jenkins

ISBN: 9780618535781

Learn facts about dinosaurs and see how big their various body parts actually are.

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs

By: Paul Stickland

ISBN: 9780525459057

Rollicking dinosaurs count down from ten to one as they teach subtraction.

You Look Yummy!

By: Tatsuya Miyanishi

ISBN: 9781940842066

A baby ankylosaurus and a big tyrannosaurus become a family in this charming, witty story.