Books Featuring Toddlers

Bedtime, Ted!

By: Sophy Henn

ISBN: 9781419727573

A toddler named Ted tells his parent that before he goes to bed, he has to bathe, snack, brush his teeth, and get the wiggles out.

Sweetest Kulu

By: Celina Kalluk

ISBN: 9781927095775

This beautiful bedtime poem describes the gifts given to a newborn baby by all the animals of the Arctic. Lyrically and tenderly told by a mother speaking to her own little "Kulu."

Brown Sugar Baby

By: Kevin Lewis

ISBN: 9781646384105

This lyrical first book in the Brown Sugar Baby series is a celebration of the powerful love and protective, comforting instincts of a mother for her child.

Counting Kisses

By: Karen Katz

ISBN: 9780689856587

Count and kiss along with this lift-the-flap bedtime book, from children’s book legend, Karen Katz!

Peekity Boo, What You Can Do!

By: Heidi Roemer

ISBN: 9781250122322

Rhyming text follows a toddler's bedtime routine, from an energetic bath to choosing jammies, reading a book, cuddling with a favorite toy, and snuggling with loved ones before gently falling asleep.

Applesauce is Fun to Wear

By: Nancy Raines Day

ISBN: 9781951836054

Babies and toddlers delight in making a mess at mealtime.

Handmade Love

By: bell hooks

ISBN: 9780786806430

A girl who is Girlpie to her mama and Honey Bun Chocolate Dewdrop to her daddy savors the warmth and love of her family.

I’m The Boss!

By: Elise Gravel

ISBN: 9781459832947

This delightful board book will make the little tyrants in your life giggle at the ridiculousness of the demands.

Hush! A Thai Lullaby

By: Minfong Ho

ISBN: 9780531071663

In an endearing lullaby, a mother asks a lizard, a monkey, and a water buffalo to be quiet and not disturb her sleeping baby.

Ten in a Bed

By: David Ellwand

ISBN: 9781929766499

One by one nine bears fall out of bed when the littlest bear says "Roll over!"

All by Myself

By: Aliki

ISBN: 9780060289294

A child shows all the things he has learned to do all on his own.

Ten, Nine, Eight

By: Molly Bang

ISBN: 9780688009069

Numbers from ten to one are part of this lullaby which observes the room of a little girl going to bed.