By: Victoria Kann

ISBN: 9780061244087

A little girl and her brother play with her imaginary gold-horned unicorn that can float on water, fly, and turn herself into a fairy princess.

Hello My Name is Octicorn

By: Kevin Diller

ISBN: 9780062387936

Bob is not a unicorn. His friend George knows that. So does Stella. And Ted, and Larry. In fact, it's definite: Bob is not a unicorn. Or is he?

Not Quite Narwal

By: Jessie Sima

ISBN: 9781481469098

Born deep in the ocean, Kelp is not like the other narwhals and one day, when he spies a creature on land that looks like him, he learns why.

The Midnight Unicorn

By: Neil Reed

ISBN: 9781402732188

Millie and her dog, Casper, visit a unicorn statue in the park all the time, but one day the statue becomes real and takes the two of them on a magical tour around the world.

Uni the Unicorn

By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

ISBN: 9780375972065

Uni the unicorn believes that little girls are real.

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

By: Bob Shea

ISBN: 9781423159520

Ever since Unicorn moved into the neighborhood, Goat has been feeling out of sorts. Goat thought his bike was cool—until he saw that Unicorn could fly to school! Goat made marshmallow squares that almost came out right, but Unicorn made it rain cupcakes! Unicorn is such a show-off, how can Goat compete?